Magazine Research

There are two vital goals that a magazine cover needs to be able to do. The first is being able to be seen. In a busy market of magazines ranging from all aspects of lifestyle, hobbies and interest your magazine needs to stand out amongst the rest, it needs to capture the potential buyers attention at a glance. The cover also needs to give an overall feel of the magazines subject or an article inside that may be a highlight inside. A magazine cover that can do both of these things will have the most chance and being purchased.

Here are a section of magazine covers discovered on that I immediately was drawn to. I need to find out why I was attracted to these covers, so I can in turn incorporate these elements into my own magazine cover for my FMP.

The use of consistency in colour is an element that I feel can help keep a magazine together, for example the ICON cover which colour picks its logo colour from the bold orange in the photo showcased on the front.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 19.35.19The CAPITAL magazine uses an interesting use of

colour with the yellow of the ice lolly on the light pink background, not colours that we often see

together in our society. However after a quick look into the use of pink and yellow together I saw lots of images from Indian dresses and inside Bollywood. Then after taking a close look into the topic inside the magazine I saw it was in fact about ‘India Eats’, linking to the colours and the repetition of the ice cream that is being eaten gradually. This is really interesting as colours can give subliminal messages to the audience who have previous experience of the cScreen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.35.17.pngolours inside Indian fashion, and can relate this to the cover despite being nothing about fashion or the country, which is covered inside the magazine.





Invictus Racing

This live brief was brought to us by Lightmaker, it had previously been a real working brief that they had been given. Invictus Games is a multi-sport games event where people with disabilities can compete, particularly with injured members of the armed forces.

‘Invictus Games Racing is a collaboration between the Invictus Games Foundation and James Holder – co founder of the Superdry clothing brand.’

Adapting high performance racing cars allowing disabled people to become racing drivers and compete in an event.

The live site is

Noting down important colours inside this: green, grey and black.


I started to develop my site on Indesign as I wasn’t comfortable using applications such as Muse, especially as this was more about the ideas on what we could produce rather than the accessibility of the site.

I used photoshop to edit some of the photos we were provided. Using hue/saturation and masking I could change the colour of the cars photographed to anything. I changed car decals to green, layered the Invictus branding on top to give a realistic look.

Here is my opening homepage. As you can see I have changed the look of the car, from the red elements which have been turned green to keep in mind the colour schemes wanting to be used. The sun strip of the car has also been changed by myself inside photohoshop to add the branding, from Jaguar to Invictus. I have also added the I AM branding to the front strip, using the warp tool I could wrap the branding to the shape of the car.

The ideas I had was to include a 360 degree VR experience for computer and mobile devices that would have a live feed of the racetrack when in motion, and previous saved races where they could watch highlights from the track.

I also wanted to include live behind the scenes. The whole idea was to create something that would bring visitors back to the website and I feel if they had a way of getting insights into the workshop, pitstop and drivers that would be something unique for them to revisit.

Please click below to open my full PDF website that I have created for this brief:

Invictus Racing

Essay Moodboard

Here is a moodboard I created for my essay title ‘in what ways could advertising be said to be a benefit or a disadvantage to society (reference graphic design)’

I want to explore routes such as shock advertisemnt and body shaming inside my essay so it will be good for me to explore case studies that have used these techniques such a United Colours of Benneton’s shock advertisemnets and more recently Cancer Research’s controversal Obesity ad campaign

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 11.32.26.png


Concern: how to reference, finding books to use

audience: Tim, Sancha, examiner, cross-checker

An academic tone of voice

Arial 12point double space, 1 side only

‘If you cant explain it to a six-year-old. you don’t understand it yourself’ Albert Einstein

No Wikipedia referencing

one idea/ new idea per paragraph

“quote marks” not italics – longer quotes indented paragraph

Images used “figure 1” “fig 2” “fig 3” etc – label maker, date and title of the image, and where it has come from (image section in the bibliography) no wrap around text

the conclusion needs to be around two paragraphs, new ideas shouldn’t go in conclusion  – sum up with what you’ve discovered

Bibliography – handling someone else’s idea, not claiming it’s your own idea


What is Adapted UK?

Adapted UK was a brand I created a couple of years ago whilst in the Graphic Design diploma. A dream of mine has always to work with cars and combining it with graphic design, so I decided to start photographing cars that I liked at automotive events around the country and uploading them to a page on Instagram. I eventually started building and growing a following on the page and have now reached over 10k followers which I’m really happy with. I have started selling vinyl stickers for people from the page and have a small Bigcartel store.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.51.41

Here is another selection of photos that are my own from a local car gathering in Essex:

FMP Proposal​


My client is Adapted UK, a modified automotive community, featuring car photography and promotional items such as vinyl stickers. I created this brand a couple of years ago and have now slowly built up to 10 thousand followers on the main social media platform used which is Instagram and would like to now build on top of this foundation and create a stronger, more rounded brand. I would like to produce ephemera for the brand such as magazine spreads including photography and a new platform for a website and shop combination. My aim for completing this project is making awareness for the car community and the brand, if I can do this I believe I will have been successful.

I intend to research heavily into magazine design so I can design something new and unique in my design work that will be memorable and make people want to pick it up and read the content inside. Likewise with photography as I believe a good use of photography (including composition, quality and editing) is just as vital as the layout and design of the page.

I would also like to look into mobile app design for extermination creating an application that could be used by the community to discuss, share and shop.

My target audience will be aged 16-30 with a strong male bias (Instagram insights) with an interest in the automotive world. I will keep this in mind when designing as this will have an influence on layout, typography and use of colour. I do not want to disregard female viewers from the brand and I want to create it open for anyone to be able to pick up and appreciate the cars themselves, the photography and presentation of the page.

SEK Designing Banner

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 19.30.50.png

Firstly, I downloaded the template from Moodle which had the relevant guidelines for the curved exhibition banner. I wanted to keep my design in a similar style to what the company used previously, as the rest of their branding has consistent typography and colour schemes.

I used the same colour coded blue from the SEK logo over the main background image with a sixty percent opacity. The images that I downloaded are stock imagery that is unable to be used in the final print, due to copyright reasons.

The two stock images used in the banner are below. These are from google image search so will not be able to be printed for the banner if it is chosen for print however if it is chosen I have left the document easily editable so copyright free images will be able to be dropped in their place.

From downloading the typeface ASAP which is the company’s main typeface used in their logo and advertisements/banners I noticed it was soft, approachable and rounded which I feel has been chosen purposely to represent the company. I wanted to incorporate this into my design using organic rounded shaped and staying away from sharp triangular shapes.

In my design, you can see I have chosen to stay with circles and rounded rectangles to display photos and information. I think this is fitting with the rest of the text in the ASAP typeface.

After looking on the website provided to us I have decided to use the dark purple colour featuring online as this contrasts well against the main blue colour.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 16.21.58

SEK Existing Work

Here are a few existing posters from SEK. They are trying to keep consistency in their business with the use of blue and white as key components in their posters. This needs to be kept alongside the white bar (which will be moved to the top). They are not drastically changing their design just looking for a engaging rearrangement of content.

What I will be producing is an exhibition banner like the existing one below. I have been given information that needs to be changed and imagery we can use as place holders. It is useful for me to look at this so I can keep consistency for the company and design something that is hopefully chosen for them to use at their next exhibition.

SEK Live Brief

Today Nick Holmes from a company called SEK – Social Enterprise Kent visited us in class to reveal a new live brief for us. My notes are below

We are to create an exhibition banner sizes: 3.3m x 2.2m

Design needs to be professional, friendly (engage audience to view exhibition),

strong emphasis on the colour blue, colours such as blue, purple, pink, light green also feature through the website.

Banner must show:

quality of training and the trainers, exceptional customer service, follow up after completed training, affordable, professional brand.

Look at existing poster design (powerpoint and website)

white bar with logo on needs to be at the top of the exhibition poster so it can be seen (will be a desk in front of it).

remove ‘supporting enterprise’ with ‘High Quality Results from Training’

stock images can be used from website and as placeholders.

ASAP typeface – can be paired with something suitable.