Creative Tasks

Task One:  State why you feel your photos are about Modernity and why you think an Impressionist if he or she were here today would use your topic.

impressionism picturesI think an impressionist would use the topic of my pictures if they were here today as they show modernity which is what the Impressionists wanted to paint. The picture of the ABC Cinema demolition shows destruction of the past and now becoming modern. The shard also shows modernity as it is the largest newly built skyscraper. I could link my third picture to Gustave Caillebotte – Paris Street, Rainy Day as he painted a street in Paris and I believe an impressionist would paint the town centre as it does show modernity.


After looking at the two pictures side by side I found it quite interesting how coincidently my picture also features a lamppost which divides the image up, however not like it does in Caillebotte’s painting where the lamppost makes a golden section.

Task Two: find compliment colours from anywhere (real life, magazines, blogs)


Task Three: Look at shadows and describe what colours are actually in them. Try to take photos but these may not show the colours as well as you would hope.








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