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Listen to Something Different

One of our creative tasks was to write two different music choices of our own and put them face down on a table and pick someone else’s. The songs I was given were:

1. Mary J Blige ft. Jay Z – ┬áCan’t Knock The Hustle

2. Macklemore – Same Love

I hadn’t heard the first song before which was surprising as I quite like Jay Z’s music but I hadn’t yet heard this song. The second song was one that I hadn’t heard before and it was quite interesting; upon first listening I didn’t understand the lyrics of the song and what it was about. However when I watched the video for it I understood that the Same Love was about couples of the same sex and it made me think about same sex couples in a different perspective from listening to the lyrics.


Japanese Prints

J74de81051981bfcc1ec592a5f116fc36apanese prints were used as wrapping paper for protecting objects before they were sent out, like how we would use newspaper/bubble wrap. These prints were easy to manufacture and cheap so the Japanese didn’t think of the artistry behind them.

As these prints made their way to European countries the people thought that the prints were great works of art – this helped people in western counties become to think of Japanese as less primitive.

These prints were inspiration for artists of the time and each tried to recreate this style in their own way; Van Gough and Toulouse Lautrec are artists that were inspired by this style.

Japanese prints used colours like yellows, browns, reds and greens which were quite earthy and flat looking A lot of prints were inspired by nature, mountains and valleys. Japanese women were also printed often as they wore tradition Japanese clothing and headwear.

Japonism is the Japanese influence of aesthetics on western countries like Britain and France.