Monthly Archives: February 2015

Work Experience

curry night flyer

This was my design for a curry night flyer for the college. We was provided with the images of the meal however it needed some retouching. To retouch the image I used Photoshop, I sharpened the image to make it looked more crisp and detailed, then to edit out parts of the image I didn’t like, for example parts of the meat on the potatoes. After I had done this I experimented with the vibrance to enhance the colour of the food. After I was happy with the image I added a blur to focus the audience onto the main dish and sauce. (November)

Steak Night

This was a task to design a flyer for the View Restaurant’s Steak Knight. It is incomplete however shows the layout I was going to use for the design. This image was also enhanced using Photoshop, to increase vibrance and add a blur. (September)