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Blink Scratch Art

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 18.12.12DSC_0149_2I really enjoyed the Blink Scratch Art exhibition at Sommerset House ‘Pick Me Up’. I found the artwork created very interesting as it used a black scratch card with a rainbow gradient behind, that was revealed once scratched away. The technique to create this art would simply be to scratch the surface where you want your line art, however on close inspection to the prints available they look like they have been digitally created as it is done with such precision. What I like most was how they offered you to have a go yourself on an A5 sized card using a bunch of different sized styluses, however people also used coins and even their finger nails!

I have included my own attempt at recreating this scratch card style art. It was quite strange at first as each scratch revealed a different colour and it made each stroke look really cool. I decided to scratch out a monkey looking character as well as including some typography, I really just wanted a feel for the technique and process the artists may use.