Monthly Archives: September 2016

Shoe Tower

Our first task as a group in HND1 was to build a tower using only shoes that we had brought in. The challenge was who could build the tallest and most elegant tower that stood freely.

There were a few things I learnt from this task. The first was to listen to all of your teams views and ideas. At first we tried simply stacking the shoes (top two photos) however this didn’t look elegant and soon collapsed. We then discussed some ideas and rebuild the tower, putting shoes in the holes of others to form struts which looked better and was much stronger. We also used this method at the top to give the tower its elegance.

I also learnt from this lesson that failure is a good thing, and first ideas aren’t always going to work so trial and error is a must in finding something that works; this can be applied to design work, where fast intelligent failure using divergent thinking can help you get lots of ideas that you can then work from and build upon.