How to Research

In todays lesson we looked at how we can research, different methods and how we can use our research to move forward. We firstly looked at the difference between Primary Sources and Secondary Sources.  Primary research is from first hand accounts and original artefacts such as visiting a museum or galleries and looking at original paintings. Secondary sources are researching from online sources, print, film or audio. We use a lot of secondary sources at home, for example before buying a new car we research online about it.

There is also qualitative and quantitive research. Quantitive is based on numbers or quantity – statistics, surveys, charts, graphs, mathematical and numerical. Qualitative research is based or appreciation, value or quality.  It can also be from results from experiments or prototypes, surveys and focus groups.

Through your research you should aim to be more objective and less subjective. Objective is where you state something that is true and back it up with why people would agree with you. Subjective is where you state something you think and what you feel about it. When researching you have to be open to anything, as research can come from anywhere.

Applying this to my project I can use this information when going on my trip through Tonbridge. I will be able to get primary research from this that I can then draw conclusions from prior to the Bexhill trip.


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