Existing Poster Design

For my type tour poster project I think it will be vital for me to have a look at existing posters, especially posters advertising certain cities/towns. This will help me look at what works well and what I can draw from this, for example certain artistic styles and designs that I could use.

Below is a selection of posters that I think work really well:

A lot of the advertisement posters that I found from Pinterest were vintage, illustrated design styles that are really engaging and pleasing to look at. I think a design style like this could work really well if I achieve a good photograph that incapsulates Bexhill. However this would also be quite a time consuming process that I would need to think about my timescale and deadline with the Zine project also underway.

I also discovered some posters that used photo manipulation, for example the first image of the hand holding London city, this is a really dynamic and unique way to attract the audiences attention.


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