Composition and Layout

Composition and layout is a vital part of any poster design and is needed to achieve a professional looking poster which is correctly structured.

Here is a selection of poster designs that correcty use compositional techniques to create a properly structures piece.

Rule of Thirds & Golden Section:

The rule of thirds and golden section both follow the same principles, that anything that lands on the grid created should be a important information, and the vital parts fall on the cross sections. The rule of thirds grid is based on dividing the poster/design into 9 sections, the golden section does the same but based on a mathematical equation rather than simply thirds.

‘Z’ Layout

Often found in film posters, Z layout is as it sounds, designs that follow the shape of a ‘Z’ where usually the important information in text is at the top, crossing through a main image and then another line of text or title at the bottom. This is a simple but effective technique for creating a solid composition that works.

Golden Spiral/ Fibonacci Spiral

This is based on the route the human eye takes when looking at a poster, this is a tried and testing method for design and photography. Information that passed through the spiral is of importance, and the end of the spiral lands on either the main information or title.






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