Zine Research

Before creating my zine I wanted to have a look at existing works to see what has been done before and what styles have been used effectively. Here is an example of a real zine that was in production brought in by Sancha:

I think the design of this zine is very powerful, especially the front cover which uses a bold red with black and white imagery and text. This is the first real example of a zine I have seen so it was really useful to look at see what techniques have been used. This copy heavily uses collage throughout which works well as a fan magazine, as it is like a scrap book full of photos and information stuck in. I think I want to experiment with collage within my zine as it gives it the hand made, personal feel that I got from the example above.

Here are a few other examples of zines I found exploring Pinterest. I find interesting the zines that use the collage approach as it really draws your attention in to see what the imagery is conveying. The ‘Revival’ zine (last image) is a bold, punchy design using collage, hand rendered type and subtle uses of bright coloured textures.


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