Divergent Thinking

In this lesson we learn about divergent thinking. This means thinking of lots of ideas quickly and not thinking deeply about them and whether or not they would even work.

Firstly we looked at these quotes:

“There is nothing so dangerous as an idea when it is the only one you have”Emile Chartier

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas”Linus Pauiling

These quotes both show that you are limiting yourself to a very confined idea if you have no others to compare it against. Usually your first idea won’t be as good as the next that follow and if your only idea fails you have nothing left. Also getting lots of ideas early, you can sometimes merge them into one solid idea.


This exercise was to look at improvements to an object.

Ring (90 seconds)

Size changeable, GPS tracker, Flotation Device, Heart rate monitor, Distress Light, Body Temperature, Wifi Hotspot, Invisibility.

Ice Skate (90 seconds)

Speakers, leaves glowing trail, lights, speed setting, suspension, self balancing, sat nav, auto pilot, changes colour, go pro attached, usb charging, flying, can skate on all floors.

Even if the ideas seemed stupid or even magical we were told to include them, for instance flying ice skates are obviously not possible, but it’s the idea going down on paper that we can get more ideas from.

Panda (5 minutes using noun generator):

Teddy, pet, rug, coat, mascot, football, stuffed decoration, trophy, transport, scarf

After we learnt about divergent thinking and done a few exercises we then progressed to convergent thinking, this helped us look at our ideas and see what could work and what wouldn’t.

Our task to learn about this was to think of as many ideas that music could be used to help people stay safer in Tonbridge town.

Divergent thinking (10 minutes)

When a train arrives music is played – Streets that are monitored on CCTV have soothing music playing – Busses and Taxis all have a recognisable song playing when nearby – If a police officer is nearly music changes – Music that syncs with weather so people can be aware of weather warning – At night music that can be used to calm people.

Convergent thinking

The idea I thought could actually work is using music at night to calm people. This wouldn’t cost a lot to do as speakers can be dotted around the town at busy locations at night and linked to play the same soothing music. It would be relatively easy to make and setup.

Health and Safety: speakers would have to be quietened at night so people, especially children don’t have a disturbed sleep, or speakers near residential areas can be switched off after a certain time.




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