Experimental Type Exercise

In this lesson we experimented with different type forms, looking at negative/positive space by tracing over parts of letters confining them to square boxes. I liked finding out more about the different parts of each letter, for example the counters. It was also interesting how legible the letters were even when we have only took a small part of each letter. Below is the process that I undertook to complete this by hand:

From doing this exercise it gave me a few different poster ideas for my current project. I could use parts of letters on Illustrator and use clipping masks to crop my images into the shapes created.

Here is something quickly created on Illustrator of what I could create:

I have also done a digital copy of the exercise above. Using Illustrator again and clipping masks I confined letters to boxes creating the same effect. It is a lot cleaner looking than before however I enjoyed the process doing by hand and actually tracing over each letters shape.

As you can see the type is instantly recognisable even though I have isolated a lot of each letter. I could also use this techniques in my zine as I think it is really effective at grabbing attention as it’s different to standard typography.


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