Peter Blake

At the De La Warr Pavilion there was an exhibition on Peter Blake’s:

 Alphabets, Letters & Numbers

Blake, often quoted as ‘the godfather of British pop art’, said his passion for the alphabet started at Gravesend School of Art, where he had a solid understanding of Graphic Design, but progressed onto painting. He mixed this together and created stunning letterforms. He has created several alphabets ‘related to his enduring interest in childhood innocence and nostalgia, and Victorian and Edwardian graphic illustration’ (

Some of the alphabets are really interesting. I specifically like the found type alphabets such as ‘Alphabet 20’ which looks like found type from house names. The use of 2D and 3D alphabets is something I was aware of. I read that Blake is ‘an obsessive collector ephemera… frequently involves the incorporation of objects from his collections into his artworks’.

Something else that Blake had done that was also caught my eye was his collage work:

dsc_0203These collages don’t only feature different typographic styles but also cut out images for example on the ‘A’ board there was pictures of angels, apples and alligators. Blake also made a  complete alphabet from objects that begin with the corresponding letter which was also interesting to see.

This was all primary research, not only for the Type Tour poster but I could also take inspiration from this for my Zine project.

Below are all of my photos from the exhibition, I think this has really gave me lots of ideas that I can now experiment with for my Zine:

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