Bexhill Type Tour Poster

This was my first digital poster for the Bexhill Type Tour. After going through my photos I chose a few to plan out what could work as a poster design. Here is one attempt:

I used photoshop to edit the image as there was a line of rope from a boat in the sky that I wanted to remove using the clone stamp tool and patch tool. When taking the photos of the boat I took into consideration the composition, thinking about rule of thirds and how I could use the typography from the boat in my design. With all poster designs that I do I like to put all the information that needs to go on at once, so I have the building blocks to use.

I wanted to experiment with different type pairings that work together. The example here that I have used is Minion Pro and Avenir. The contrast between the serif and sans serif works well together and makes a bold, interesting title for the poster.

The only thing I don’t feel works with this design is the colours, I feel it looks washed out and slightly dull from the greyish colours the pebbles and sea create in the background. I want to experiment further with some more of my images and make something that really stands out.


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