Prevent – Surprise Brief (Day 2)

fullsizerender-2On the second day of the Prevent project, we were to think about the previous day and now design something that conveys a message, of our choice, in a format that we would be able to create. We came up with an idea as a group based on this message:

‘Radicalisation can happen to anyone, no matter what their age, ethnicity or background’

The idea we had involved ice cubes. The ice cubes would show that through isolation somebody can start to ‘melt’ away from society. But then through support the team of ice cubes that have remained the same throughout the scene, help the melted one rebuild from liquid to solid, showing through support we can prevent radicalisation.

We wanted to do this as a time lapse video as this could have been a really effective video. We could also reversed the time-lapse for the part where the ice cubes returns to a solid through support.


After returning to year groups we discussed our ideas, we decided to work on a project as whole group, including poster, app and website that provided information about the Prevent campaign. I designed the ’emoji’ style faces for the poster.

We decided not to go with our ice cube idea as the deadline was closing in and we didn’t feel we had enough time after storyboarding to complete the idea. However the group did give really positive feedback on our idea, but they too was worried about the timeframe we had.


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