Creating the Zine

To start of my zine I gathered lots of different resources that I could use, from magazines, newspapers, textures and coloured card, glue, scalpel and a cutting mat. From my research I want to go with a collage style as I think this will give it the personal feel that I want my audience to get from it.

I chose to do my zine about advertising myself as a designer, linking back to the solar flare situation the brief presented us. I wanted to show some of my creativeness and skill inside this so people can hire me to design for them and promote them during the solar flare.

For the front cover I decided to go with a ransom note style effect, cutting out each letter from different typefaces printed in magazines to spell out each word. This creates an interesting style so the reader has to read what it is about. After I created my cover I done a black and white photocopy to see what it would look like, as sometimes in cheap production runs this is how it would be reproduced . The black and white version didn’t have the same bold effect as it is lacking the vibrancy which the original creates.

IMG_4414.JPGThe next thing I have done on my first double page spread of the zine is create a block print of a slab serif A that I cut out of card and then printed across the page using black acrylic paint. I really like the grunge/textured look that the print gives out and works well as a bold opening spread. I also wrote about what the zine was about in the first spread so the reader knew what was going to follow/expect to see.


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