Poster Design

This is another poster design using one of my favourite photos from the Bexhill Trip. The colours are really vibrant and I believe would stand out really well as a the cover image for the poster. The photo all some typography inside, the word love is repeatedly painted on some of the objects in the garden, which I think fits in well with its surroundings.

Here is my process on creating the poster, this was created on Photoshop as I had an idea of putting some of the text behind pieces of the image which is easier to do using Photoshops tool set. Firstly I set up my A3 document, then imported my picture into it and scaled it to the size I wanted, bearing in mind composition and the photo quality when enlarging. The heading for the poster ‘Bexhill’ was getting lost in the background when using a black/white colour, so I used black fill and lowered the opacity to help the text stand out against the image.

I wanted to use a serif typeface for ‘Bexhill’, it is called an ‘ancient town’ and I wanted to keep this history behind it by using a traditional typeface such as Minion Pro/Times. However keeping the target audience in mind I wanted a contrast using sans serif for the smaller bits of information, such as the date and website information.

Something that I wanted to do to make the poster more interesting and engaging is using the flamingo sculpture in the photo to come in front of the date at the top of the poster. I done this by selecting the flamingo with the pen tool, making a layer via copy, and putting my text between the two layers creating this effect. I wasn’t sure on the typeface in contrast with my sans serif typeface so I experimented with a few others and I came to like this thin slab serif typeface, which was in keeping with my serif idea to keep the historic feel, but also now communicates a more modern look which my target audience will be looking out for.


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