Zine Collaging

One piece in my zine that took the longest to create but is one of my favourite pieces in the ‘ORGANIC’ page. As the brief states we are aloud to use a photocopier in the solar flare, I decided to make my own background design of plants, flowers and leaves that I found around my garden. I put all of these items onto the photocopier and made this collage:

This is the scanned version purely scan-5for blogging my progress on the Zine.

I loved the outcome of this experiment with the different plants from outside as they all worked nicely together, and the burst of pink is also really captivating.

After I photocopied this I wanted to cut into it and make the word organic, so I mounted it to card and roughly sketched the letters on the back in reverse so when I cut each letter out it would read perfectly on the opposite side with the collage.

Here is the process I undertook to create the collage and the final outcome. It did take a long time to create however it was definitely worth it after seeing it finished. I like how it can still be read even without the counters inside the letters which gives it a bold stencil feel, contrasting against the organic shapes and forms collaged behind it.


Another piece of collaging I have done is using a series of letters from different typefaces and crossing them over each other using different textures for each.
IMG_4417.JPGI have also created a small piece of artwork on one page inspired by the work of Richard Hamilton who created a scene from a room with different cut out objects. This is a simplified version for my zine that I thought was different and engaging to look at, and showed the audience that I can create creative collage work.


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