Zine Final Touches

In this page of the zine I have done a little write up on the zine andhow people can no img_4416longer advertise themselves using social media sites. I created a Hannah Hoch inspired character to attract readers to the information, this was to keep in line with my main target to sell myself as a designer during the solar flare.

My final page is where I really wanted to make a statement, as  this is the final page of the zine that would decide what the reader thinks. The back page of the zine would also be seen a lot either left on a table or whilst someone is reading it. The back page is information where the reader could hire me as a designer. I stuck to the collage route I have been following to complete the zine.

Here is the final page:

The collage effect works well here as it is very bold. I really like this page as it works really well with the different texture background, it gives me a propaganda like feel when looking at it. The West Kent information came from old flyers that I had.

img_4418Overall I think this has been a successful project and my zine follows the brief and I believe I have achieved the learning outcomes necessary for this task. I’m happy with my final outcome and looking forward to our group feedback



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