Poster Evaluation

I think my final outcome for my poster design meets the needs of the brief by advertising the typographic walk for Bexhill in an engaging and interesting way. The photograph I took features bold colours are there is hand painted pieces of type inside the image of ‘love’. I have used text behind a part of the image to make an interesting part of the poster that my target audience, designers from all ages and professions and people interested in typography. The photo is quirky and eye catching which I hope would be enough to stand out from others. I have also done a lot of investigation to type pairings, something that I believe is really important in design, especially as a poster. The typography is used is clean set, and the contrast between the slab serif and sans serif should be something designers pick up on.

If I done this project again I would spend more time looking at more historical aspects of Bexhill, I would of like to done some more research on it before the trip so I could have an idea of what things could be photographed to grasp the historic aspect of Bexhill.

The strengths of my design definitely lay within the imagery used. Everyone I have showed the photograph to have all commented positively about it, which was one of the reasons I decided to use it as my main image for the poster. Strengths I believe also come from the typography used and the composition I have investigated.

Using the ‘Z’ layout’ through this design which is a well known compositional technique to improve the layout of design that I have researched previously. It also fits into the Fibonacci Spiral; the spiral runs from the top left of the poster, going through the top date, through the flamingo then to the bottom information.

One of the weakness from the visual communication of my design if not showing enough of the historically rich area of Bexhill. I would of like to feature images of this in the poster, or maybe experimented with multiple photos as one poster. However i’m still happy with the final outcome as it shows found type can be found anywhere in the environment.

I believe my time keeping in this project was very good. I believe blogging about the trip to Tonbridge, researching and divergent thinking tasks helped my to get my ideas for the poster fairly quickly, I also feel I done enough research for this project to achieve what I have produced. The design process at first was a struggle, as finding images that would work with digital typography and work well as a poster.


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