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Because focussing on waste was one of the most important factors on this brief, I needed to incorporate reducing waste into my character designs and scenarios I decided to put them in.

An example I have made for the clients to see is the strawberry in the barbers who is getting its ‘hair cut’, relating to the same process in the factory in which the heads of them gets cut off.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 16.12.50.png

This makes light of the area that some of the wastage occurs in a humorous and understandable way for the employees to understand. The designs had to be heavily visual and not include much text due to the language barriers from the employees who are from many different locations around the world. I think I have achieved a good visual balance in my designs that can be universally understood.


Digital Design

Here are some of the digital designed fruit characters, as you can see each fruit is holding a flag representing the country of origin, these were created on Illustrator with my previous sketches.Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 15.32.29.pngI wanted to create a few different expressions for the fruit for example the unhappy orange, which can the be put into a scenario to make it happier when it reaches the fruit factory.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 15.53.14.pngHere is one of the scenarios I have illustrated. A orange that is unhappy being left on a tree and being packaged to be shipped over to the fruit factory, then the orange reaching PW and now with a huge smile, knowing he’s in one of the most important stages of his journey.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 15.57.31.png



The Study of Signs 

Meanings you can get from an apple:

Life, health, food, brand, perfume, growth, prize, freshness

Connotation: what you think of when you receive a piece of visual communication, what it means to you.


First suggested by Ferdinand De Saussure

Signifiers do not intend to have meaning.

Signifier: does the work, carries the message.

Signified: what it means to you


Denotation: simplest level of what is seen (heard/smelt/ect.)

Individual Work

Here is a few of my quick sketches of some of the ideas I had for the fruit factory. I wanted to keep in the design style of the previous group work, and personify the fruit again with eyes and mouths. I wanted to focus on the journey idea that Andrew said he liked in our feedback, to do this I done a few sketches with the fruit holding flags of where they are imported from, each fruit representing its country.

I wanted to create light hearted engaging characters that can be built upon which I think is a vital part of my design for the fruit factory. I had an idea of illustrating the fruits journey to the factory, which would show the employees how far it has travelled and that they’re job is an important stage in the process.


Fruit Waste, Existing Posters

Here is a fruit waste campaign that I found online, these posters focus on the wastage that occurs through fruit that isn’t perfect looking to be sold. This is a different area of wastage that I will be focusing on for the fruit factory brief but it is interesting to see the photography elements used, as well as a consistent and composed layouts for each design.

Digital Mock Ups

We created a couple of digital mock ups of our ideas for something to show the client when we present our work, so they have an idea what to expect from us and have a solid visual to go by.

Here a some screenshots of the groups designs, following the ‘Miss Fruit’ idea we had.


We then as a group presented our ideas to the Andrew from PW.  We discussed our thoughts behind the idea, and what our outcome could look like if he decided to choose our designs. It was clear that he liked the idea behind it and was humoured by some of other ideas for example the strawberry in the barbers and a banana on a sun bed.


Andrew said he liked the idea of ‘the journey’ which I would want to focus on in the next stage of designing. He said to keep in theme of the original work we have presented but to now go off individually and start our own designs for this brief.

Developing Ideas

Here our are first couple of sketches in our group. The first group is what we wanted to be illustrated as design for the ‘Miss World Pageant’, where all the fruit would be on stage, each one would have a sash which would be on their representing country. There is also a world map that would be behind them with paths from each country coming to England, showing the path they travel to the factory.

This idea hopefully will engage with the factory workers, and make them feel their job is less tedious and that they apart of one of the most important stages in the fruits journey by looking after them and making them look nice.

Brainstorming Ideas

In our group we decided to start brainstorming its of different ideas that we had to use to help boost the morale of the staff. We wanted to do this as the overall message back from the factory trip was that the workers seemed unhappy due to the tedious nature of their work, and the surroundings of their workplace were also dull and sterile.

Here is our ideas on a mind map:img_4567Our group came up with a lot of different ideas that could of worked however one idea stood out the most to us. This idea was to humanise the fruit and show the workers how far the fruit has travelled, making it seem more precious and making the workers have more care when handling it. We then came up with idea if the fruit were in a similar ‘Miss World Pageant’ where each piece of fruit would represent the country it has came from. With this idea we developed it more, we thought about the process in the factory and how it could relate to our idea. For example we thought the UV Rays that sterilise the fruit could be a tanning salon, and where the strawberries tops are cut off that would be designed as a barber shop.

We thought this idea could really make the workers develop another perspective on the fruit, and using a humorous way of illustrating the fruit in different scenarios could make the workers happier and boost their overall morale.



Design Thinking – Good Kitchen

This video clip we watched as a class offered some really good information on a case study that can shares a few similarities as the brief we are currently doing.

125,000 senior citizens rely on government sponsored food meals in Denmark. ‘Hatch & Bloom’ were hired to ‘fix the menu’ and improve meal service and nutrition for the elderly population.

What is? (needs and wishes)

Journey mapping follows a customer as they experience a product or service

Kitchen staff were demoralised and demotivated. The team ‘Hatch & Bloom’ opened there brief up to a wider scope, looking into the people creating the meals rather than just fixing the menu.

What if?

workshops that involves stakeholders – reviewed the research that had been created. Co-creation makes ownership and engagement, producing different ideas from stake holders

An idea created was to look how the workers could have more pride in the work they do, and instead of just a kitchen but a restaurant, where the cooks became chefs, the delivery drivers became waiters and the description of the food became a menu. This is a lot more engaging than the original process.

What wows?

Visualisation to make it feel more real for the participants. Make it tangible and concrete, showing not telling.

photos or illustrations? favoured colours ect.

what works?

happier seniors with better nutrition, employees who take pride and engage in their work, new menu that people get a better understanding from.

500% increase in a week of orders – shift of employees perspective on their work.

Ethics & Sustainability

There are a few points I want to make about the ethics and sustainability for the PW project. First is to not talk town to the employees and belittle them, especially using illustrated designs that could represent a country.

Sustainability is a big issue within the factory. This is due to some of the ridiculous guidelines that the supermarkets want from the factory, for instance how much of the top of a strawberry can be cut off, ect. However the main issue of the brief is to help stop the waste which I want to help with. As a designer for future work sustainability is a key thing that I must consider with future clients, and not design for companies that are having a negative impact on the world and my future.