PW Brief and Tasks

We currently have a live brief running for a fruit factory. The brief is to work in mixed year groups and apply the design thinking strategy to the problem in hand. We need to come up with a solution to help tackle the issue of waste, paying attention to the factory workers and what perspectives they may have. Inside the workplace a lot of the staff come from different cultures and speak different languages, so the graphic design needed should be heavily reliant on image based work.

A couple of people from each group had visited the factory and brought back different photos and information from their visit. It was interesting to look at the photos and see what the conditions of the factory were like to work in. It was a very sterilised environment with big plain white walls that lacked anything stimulating for the employees to look at.

We were set a task in our groups which was meant to give us a feel of the conditions of the factory that the workers have to deal with when they go to work. The task was to pass coins around our table clockwise, with the air condition on its coldest setting for a few minutes standing up in silence and any coins that were dropped would count as waste and couldn’t be reused. This soon became a tedious task and became apparent by the faces of the group members.



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