Design Thinking – Good Kitchen

This video clip we watched as a class offered some really good information on a case study that can shares a few similarities as the brief we are currently doing.

125,000 senior citizens rely on government sponsored food meals in Denmark. ‘Hatch & Bloom’ were hired to ‘fix the menu’ and improve meal service and nutrition for the elderly population.

What is? (needs and wishes)

Journey mapping follows a customer as they experience a product or service

Kitchen staff were demoralised and demotivated. The team ‘Hatch & Bloom’ opened there brief up to a wider scope, looking into the people creating the meals rather than just fixing the menu.

What if?

workshops that involves stakeholders – reviewed the research that had been created. Co-creation makes ownership and engagement, producing different ideas from stake holders

An idea created was to look how the workers could have more pride in the work they do, and instead of just a kitchen but a restaurant, where the cooks became chefs, the delivery drivers became waiters and the description of the food became a menu. This is a lot more engaging than the original process.

What wows?

Visualisation to make it feel more real for the participants. Make it tangible and concrete, showing not telling.

photos or illustrations? favoured colours ect.

what works?

happier seniors with better nutrition, employees who take pride and engage in their work, new menu that people get a better understanding from.

500% increase in a week of orders – shift of employees perspective on their work.


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