Brainstorming Ideas

In our group we decided to start brainstorming its of different ideas that we had to use to help boost the morale of the staff. We wanted to do this as the overall message back from the factory trip was that the workers seemed unhappy due to the tedious nature of their work, and the surroundings of their workplace were also dull and sterile.

Here is our ideas on a mind map:img_4567Our group came up with a lot of different ideas that could of worked however one idea stood out the most to us. This idea was to humanise the fruit and show the workers how far the fruit has travelled, making it seem more precious and making the workers have more care when handling it. We then came up with idea if the fruit were in a similar ‘Miss World Pageant’ where each piece of fruit would represent the country it has came from. With this idea we developed it more, we thought about the process in the factory and how it could relate to our idea. For example we thought the UV Rays that sterilise the fruit could be a tanning salon, and where the strawberries tops are cut off that would be designed as a barber shop.

We thought this idea could really make the workers develop another perspective on the fruit, and using a humorous way of illustrating the fruit in different scenarios could make the workers happier and boost their overall morale.



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