Digital Mock Ups

We created a couple of digital mock ups of our ideas for something to show the client when we present our work, so they have an idea what to expect from us and have a solid visual to go by.

Here a some screenshots of the groups designs, following the ‘Miss Fruit’ idea we had.


We then as a group presented our ideas to the Andrew from PW.  We discussed our thoughts behind the idea, and what our outcome could look like if he decided to choose our designs. It was clear that he liked the idea behind it and was humoured by some of other ideas for example the strawberry in the barbers and a banana on a sun bed.


Andrew said he liked the idea of ‘the journey’ which I would want to focus on in the next stage of designing. He said to keep in theme of the original work we have presented but to now go off individually and start our own designs for this brief.


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