VTS – Visual Thinking Strategy

What is happening? – What makes you think that? – What more can you find?

Metacognition: outside of own understanding, knowing the methods you are using to learn. Rely on knowledge and feelings, looking for signifiers and what has made me have that connotation .

Teddy Boys exercise:

In class we used the visual swindon-teddy-boys-at-hammersmith-palais-london-1955thinking strategy to discuss what we thought about this picture (left)

Our first thoughts were that the boys were at a wedding, party or business meeting possibly in a diner or cafe.

We thought this because of the clothing; they are all dressed in smart suits with ties and had pocket watches visible in the photo. The cafe/diner idea came from the lady on the far right who looks like she could be wearing a uniform, as well as the large mirror behind the boys and the sign on the wall.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-11-21-48.pngHere is another example image using the VTS in class.

A ‘hippy’ at a campsite in a forest, possible protesting peacefully, about to perform a piece of music from his guitar.

I think of these things from the style of clothing he’s wearing, the loose shirt and jeans, the head band, bracelets and long hairstyle. I get the idea he is at a campsite from the trees and woodland behind and the metal cup beside his foot.

Some more that I found when looking into this photo was the symbol painted on his guitar of a marijuana leaf which could indicate that this man is in fact a ‘hippy’ as they are well known links together  between them and the drug.




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