Magazine Layout

Here I’m starting to look at page layouts. This is going to be an important research point for my subcultures project as the my double page spread needs to be professionally presented and laid out.

This is a double page spread that I found quite interesting; the thing I like most about it is the how the text has followed the same curvature of the woman modelling on the right. The drop cap ‘V’ that is placed mid sentence, which is an unorthodox placement,  is also in a similar angle to the models upper body pose which creates an intriguing design that myself as a reader would be engaged with. The body of text also curves in a way that mimics the models body, adding to the uniqueness of the design and flow of the spread.



This second double page spread is to just to show the design and isn’t completed with mocked up text and subheadings. (Remembering to do this in my double page spread design will help me not get tied up with what to write but help me focus on the look and feel of it before worrying about what the text actually says. I can do this on Indesign by using lorem ipsum, which will give me building blocks to use whilst I build my spread)

This design is bold, engaging and like the title says, vivid. If I opened this up in a magazine I know I would stop and read the sub heading to understand what the article is about. This is a fundamental part of the design that I need to understand, and that is how to achieve an engaging, captivating spread about my subculture. The splash of colours, interesting illustration and bold heading all add to this design.


The next couple of spreads below are ones that I have found online, not because I think the overall design is good, but the techniques used to make it more engaging. In both spreads the have used the body text in interesting and non traditional way. The first spread has an interesting and angular design the text follow, but as a whole with the imagery used doesn’t particularly make me want to find out more.

The second spread is clearly visible straight away that it is about BMX riders doing stunts, and one in particular, ‘Elliot’ who has his name behind the main photograph which has been stylised with a purple effect, which looks like it will be an interview with him. The main thing that drew me to this spread was the text which looked like it had been sliced into 3 separate parts. This creates a different and interesting effect, however it does make the text annoying to read as you have to move down a line frequently due to the narrow triangular shaped text boxes.



If I can use some of these techniques in my design I believe I will create an interesting and bold double page spread.



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