Magazine Layouts (The Bad)

After looking for magazine layouts that I thought would inspire and benefit me for my project I discovered a few bad layouts that I think would be good to mention, so I know what pathways not to take when I begin to think about layouts.

One of the most important things to consider in a magazine layout is the use of the white space. The first spread I have included because when I first looked at it I didn’t know where to look first, the highlighted text that crosses the spread takes the attention away from the heading, and leaves a lot of white space empty at the top corners of the spread. The text is also seems crammed into one column, then spread across the second page, unless this layout is inspired by an object or shape without showing the reader I believe they would be very confused like I was.

The second image is how white space can create a bad layout but in the opposite way. This next spread is about a ‘typographers changing role’, however I instantly disliked the typography used for the heading, which used a series of upper and lowercase letters in one word and the use of italics makes for a messy, unprofessional looking design. This could be a joke about the article at hand but the rest of the spread also says otherwise. The body text presented in two columns per page that is broken up randomly by pull quotes, text boxes and unneeded sub headings.



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