In this tutorial we were taught how to create a double page spread on Indesign. We created a square document with a double spread, each with 3 columns for text. We created fill text by adding place holder text. The screenshots below show my progress through this.

By adding placeholder text, we copied it multiple times in one text box then learnt how to move the overhanging text into the next columns by shift clicking with the white pointer on the red marker, then dragging the text into another column. This is all to learn about text wrapping, a technique that can make the body text interact with illustrations/photography  creating an engaging design.

We were given a illustrated city scene to work with in this tutorial. Firstly I needed to set the image in place where I wanted it to be in the spread, then using the pen tool, I outlined the buildings in a very smooth and loose way following the buildings shapes and not getting too close, I then joined the wrap by going to the bottom of the image then back to the start point. Then using window>text wrap we can create the wrap, which essentially blocks text from entering the outlined space.

I could now move my placeholder text into place, and as expected the text wrap came into action and moved all the text into the next columns, making my text stop at the path I created around the buildings. This worked really well and looks like a professionally designed spread with an engaging body of text which does interact with the illustrations beneath. I would like to use this technique if possible in my double page spread.

I also learnt about creating drop caps in my spread, a common device which is used in magazine articles, newspapers, ect. These can be found in the paragraph window under its options, and you have control of how many lines the cap drops.


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