Published Layouts

Here I have decided to look at some spreads that have actually been published in magazines so I can get a feel and understanding of how they look.


This spread is an interesting one that I have decided to analyse. The typography used in the heading in bold and playful, linking to the word ‘wild’ and the photograph on the right of  lady in the outdoors, forest area/campsite, so the styling and article itself work together. The heading which crosses the spread flows with the photo and works well to link them together.

It is also interesting to see why the designer has decided to leave a margin around the photograph instead of creating a full photograph which would bleed of the page.

However if I was to do this article I would be mindful of the heading falling into the gutter and getting lost. This happens with the ‘d’ from ‘wild’, and the ‘c’ from ‘romance’, which makes the overall well presented spread look unprofessional and slightly careless as it is a problem myself even as a student designer is aware of. This is a device that I would try to avoid using myself, unless I kerned my headings well enough for them not to get lost in the gutter.



This is another spread that also caught my attention, the full size image in black and white of the woman creates quite an emotional impact to the reader. The designers choice of white space in this article is also interesting to look at, there is a juxtaposition between the full page image and the single column of text placed on the right hand side of the page.  There is large amount of white space in this spread, the consequences of this make it seem  quite open and daunting to view at first; but this creates an interesting effect in line with the article and image itself, because the photo could look like it is about depression/sadness the white space could symbolise the loneliness/emptiness the woman is feeling.

The spread below is taken from an issue of the creative review. The use of sans serif typeface throughout the spread (body text and heading), the clean and sharp website mock up images at the bottom of the spread give this a very modern and sleek feel. The choice of typography is suitable for the spread as it is about designing and layouts online, so the modern sans serif fonts work with the information and images.

The designer has decided to bleed half of the beginning and end letter from ‘new frontiers’ off the page, this still makes the heading legible, however I don’t see why it is necessary for the spread. This designs heading also gets lost in the gutter, seeing this happen in multiple spreads has made me think if I should even consider stretching my heading across a double page spread, as the end result can really ruin the overall look.



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