Indesign Experiment

This was an experiment in Indesign, playing around with text leading, compound paths and the shape tool. Using the shape tool and the arrow keys on the keyboard it allowed me to divide up a square shape into evenly spaced smaller ones which can be useful for creating columns in my double page spread, and can also be used to create interesting collage effect pictures. Using the ‘gap tool’ I could space my boxes out to my desired style, then I turned the paths into compound paths. Now I could place an image (cmd + d) into the document with the paths selected, which fits just into the boxes I have made. Below you can see the effect it creates.

I wanted to try this using text. I created a text box and made my text, however I wanted it to be bunched together so the image could be clearly seen. Using the character panel (cmd + t) I focused on the leading, which brings each line closer together, and then kerned each line so they were square together. I then turns the text to outlines and made it into a compound path and followed the same steps as before. This creates an interesting typographic effect which I will keep in mind for my spread or cover.


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