This is a task I wanted to do to help me get lots of ideas that I can then hopefully build on, and get rid of the first ideas that aren’t developed. These ideas cover signifying practices, design styles, colours, techniques and process

  1. the d.a hairstyle
  2. flick knifes
  3. media/press creating morale panic
  4. gangs
  5. rock and roll
  6. dancing, jiving, bopping
  7. 1950’s adverts
  8. collaging
  9. digital collage
  10. digital painting
  11. illustration
  12. waistcoats
  13. combs (hair)
  14. hair gel, wax
  15. emojis (modernise)
  16. rival government austerity
  17. no longer confined by establishment (breaking free)
  18. wanted to be heard instead of just seen
  19. anti establishment

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