Rough Ideas

Here are a couple of thumbnail rough sketches I created from my ideas to start the ball rolling. The first idea was inspired by a 1950’s advert that was showcasing the new Brothel Creepers, the choice of shoe for many Teddy Boys. The brief asks to show the revival of a subculture in our time. My idea was to create an advertisement for the creepers shoe, but brand it with a modern shoe brand such as Nike or Adidas. This is a signifying practice of the Teddy Boys which should be recognised by the reader if they have learnt about them previously.

The second idea was to use a growing style of design using emojis. I had an idea of breaking the name ‘Teddy Boys’ up into a simple icon of a teddy and boy, and use something such as a lightning bolt or explosion to show the revival.

Here are my sketches for these ideas. I really think the advertisement idea for the creeper shoes could work well as a front cover for the Creative Review, and it is something I could see being used on a real issue. – The emoji idea I think would create an engagement to the reader for them to have a look at what the article is about. However I think it may confuse some people which I don’t want to do, and it is far away from the real origins of Teddy Boys that I want to try and include.


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