Illustration Experiment

Here is a quick experiment I have done illustrating a teddy boy using Illustrator. Using a famous photography of a Ted I started illustrating him using the pen and pencil tool to create smooth, organic shapes to build the design. Because it was a black and white image I had to create my own pallets that I thought would be the most accurate. I think I managed to keep the colours consistent especially in the face. I knew this was just an experimentation piece of work before I started so I didn’t go into high detail, however from doing this I feel like digital illustration isn’t a technique that will suit what I want to communicate in my cover for the Teddy Boys. It is too clean and sleek for what I want, although the Teds were clean cut in their suits and hairstyles, their personalities, attitudes and media coverage didn’t show them in this manner.

Something like a digital painting I feel would suit this better as a piece of visual communication as more emotion can be put into it from things like rougher brush strokes and colours used.


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