A calligram is a word or piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters creates a visual image related to the meaning of the words themselves. I first saw this at the National Art Library looking at artists books where I discovered these examples:

These are pieces of visual communication by Guillaume Apollinaire and are an effective piece of design that I’d like to research further and see how they have been used in design, and possibly advertising. The Eiffel Tower calligram is one of m personal favourites from the book as the type has had little alteration, it just follows a line and it lets the white space around do the work to show the tower which is unmistakable to see.

Here are a few more designs that are calligrams, here they have been used in a more intricate way to Guillaume Apollinaire’s examples seen at the National Art Library, I really like the way visual images can be made from the placement of type, by changing its size, path and shape.

Above are a few examples of calligrams used in advertisement. I think this technique creates an engaging and interesting piece of visual communication that I could translate into my subcultures project. Using this as a front cover piece could engage the reader to find out more, this style could also show the revival of my subculture, which is stated in the brief, if done in a colourful, bold and modern looking illustration.


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