Collage Work

After the presentation I received feedback of different ideas that I wanted to experiment with for my front cover. One of them was collage that I was excited to try for my subculture Teddy Boys. Firstly I had a look at some artists who had made famous collage works, such as Richard Hamilton and Hannah Hoch. I thought collage would work well to represent Teddy Boys as I could use different mediums to build up an image featuring their signifying practices.


Here I started experimenting with some collage techniques, I wanted to experiment with materials that Höch and Schwitters used, like torn paper, newspapers, imagery, stamps, typography.

I started gathering materials that I wanted to use. With Höch and Schwitters artworks in mind I set out creating my collage. I started with some packaging tape which is often used in mixed media works,  and a photo of 1950s London, this image is iconic as it physically represents the streets of London in 1950’s.

img_5178 Using found imagery of a Ted I cut out and made some paper strips to create a collage effect. To create an aged effect I used tea to stain the paper giving it an aged look.

I wanted to incorporate some of my sketches into the collage, I experimented sketching onto a the tape however it didn’t transfer properly without smudging in pen and pencil. I had an idea of using some of my drawings from my sketchbook, scanning them into my computer, then using photoshop to overlay them. This will give me flexibility where I want the
placement of my sketches, decide on the opacity of them and overall give img_5179me much more control.

I also experimented with cut out newspaper articles. I chose do to this as I have researched the Teddy Boys were subject to a lot of press creating morale panic about them. In my collage I didn’t want to show the negative connotations about teddy boys like the violence and flick knifes.

I like the style of collage that I had created and think it works well to showcase the article will be about Teddy Boys, the next stage is to get my sketches scanned in and start digitally overlaying them on my collage.

To show that this is a revival of the Teds I have used a modern technique of collage with the imagery from their era, I will incorporate my own sketches of the signifying practices they supported to communicate what the double page spread will feature.


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