Sketches and Scanning

Another piece of mixed media I wanted to include is some of my sketches of the Teds, and more importantly their signifying practices. Because I wanted to show how I believe they were from my research and documentaries I have watched I don’t believe the bad press they received defines them as a subculture.

scan-8Here are a few of my sketches that I have done of Teddy Boys for my collage, these have been scanned into my computer using a flatbed scanner. I wanted to capture the signifying practices, so I chose to do the creeper shoe, teds jiving and a comb that was nearly every Ted had carried with them to fix their hairstyle.
I then scanned in my collage work into photoshop, to start digitally editing  it. The first thing I done was remove some of the marks that were scanned with it, as I had previously been scanning leaves and twigs for a project.



Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 19.44.02.pngOn my sketched I turned up the contrast to make the pencil lines darker, and played with the brightness enough for the lines to be dark but not letting the colour of the paper come through with it. The lines needed to be dark as I am using blending modes such as Overlay and Multiply which only lets the dark lines come through but not the white of the paper. This is a good technique to save cutting out manually the white of the paper which would take a long time to do, it also allows you to keep the sketchy pencil lines which I wanted rather than solid clean illustrations, as this wouldn’t be found in the Teddy Boy era especially in advertisements like the creeper shoes researched before.



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