Indesign – Sizing and Layouts

Here I have created an indesign double page spread cover. I took this time to get the measurements for my spread. The measurements for the cover  that I got were as follows:

247mm x 247mm area

11mm binding/stitching (left hand side)

I then needed to make up the creative review logo for my own spread, I live traced the logo and measured all the sizes from a copy of the Creative Review. I used sized boxes to make sure all my proportions were correct to the real issue, this will help make my cover look like an authentic issue.

My indesign file size is 247 x 247mm with a bleed of 3mm. Bleed essentially allows you to extend your artwork and imagery across the edge of the page, so when it comes to printing the final version and trimming it down to size, none of the important information will be lost and it eliminates any chance of white lines to imprecise cutting.

Definition: Bleed is a printing term that refers to graphics or design elements which extend beyond the print edge of your design piece. Bleed ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document.

For this trial using Indesign I have followed an existing spread from the October 2016 issue. This was to help me understand the layouts creative review uses and will help me get to grips with Indesign’s tools as it has been a while since I’ve used it. Using the same size I made a double page spread again with a 3mm bleed. Around the page there is an 11mm gap around the perimeter which is bordered by a thin stroke of around 0.5. I have measured this accurately and below is my outcome. I think this works well as a cover spread and was worth my time doing as I now have an informed knowledge about layouts in Creative Review.

This was a test for me but I think what I have produced below could represent my double page spread (which will feature more type and imagery) as a cover spread that introduces the article. The bold typography used for the title is common in the CR, the authors name at the top of the first page and small body text as an introduction are also commonly used. I like the outcome looks like an authentic double page spread that you could come across in a real issue, I have also took note about the gutter in the centre of the spread, the image that stretches across the two pages falls into it the gutter but I have scaled it so that it falls between the two bystanders so no important information is lost which is important.





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