Double Page Spread

This is my process on creating my double page spread on the Teds for the Creative Review. After my Indesign experimenting with sizing and layout I was confident on starting my spread. I wanted to creating an authentic looking layout that would look consistent in a real issue. I didn’t want to slavishly copy a layout and wanted to show some of the publishing techniques I have learnt in this project.

I have chosen to do my spread on Indesign as this is an industry standard application for page layout. The sizing of the document is 247 x 247mm with a 3mm bleed.

To help build my spread I used placeholder text, this helped me forget about the contents of the article and get the fundamentals in first.

A technique I learnt in class was text wrapping which is a publishing technique that is used in many magazines and sparingly used in Creative Review. I wanted to use it subtly in my spread as I feel it can be an engaging technique for the reader and include the subject (Ted) into the article.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 22.54.16.png

The choice of imagery I have decided is to show the Teds in a peaceful light and not one that creates moral panic like the media did when they first emerged. I also had to bear in mind ethical implications of the imagery I have included, for example if I included photos of the Teds fighting rival groups or even racial fights I found in my research this could cause negative ethical implications for some readers.

I have chosen to keep my spread in black and white to pay homage to the imagery from the era of the Teds. I debated bringing the metaphor of the coloured rose from the front of my cover into the spread, however the black and white look created a modern,sleek and professional look which also fits into the revival aspect of the brief.

The text in my article is mostly my own research of the Teds explain to the reader on how they were presented by the media in the 1950’s. All imagery used has also been referenced in my spread.


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