Mock Up

Here I have test printed the cover and spreads I have designed for the Subcultures brief. This was vital for me to do so I can develop an understanding of the scale and layout of my work before I print on high quality paper.

I’m really pleased with how my finished spreads and cover look when mocked up onto a Creative Review issue. I believe it looks professional and follows the same standard that you would expect to see in the CR. I also feel I have accomplished what the brief was asking, I have chosen a subculture and shown their revival through my work in several different ways.

The modern collage technique with the found imagery from the 1950’s era when Teddy Boys first started emerging is a way of showing their revival. I have also chosen to keep my overall design an old age looking sepia effect and collaged a coloured red rose into the main Ted’s hand, this is to show that the Teds were kind, polite and a mostly peaceful subculture and also adds to the revival aspect, the old looking sepia colours and the red of the rose makes a contrast which represents the Teds coming into the present, the revival.

Through my spread I have used modern publishing techniques such as text wrapping bringing the Ted into modern world. Using sans serif typefaces as titles and pull quotes also brings the modern feel into the spread and subculture.


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