Good Design Evaluation

In what ways have you considered the sustainability of your project process and outcomes?

When creating my collage I used magazines and newspapers from a collection I have of used items. I didn’t purchase any magazine that would have been used just for collaging, all items I have are left over magazines and newspapers that have been left on trains, finished with by family members or myself. All waste that I have created went into a recycling box  I have in my workspace as I often go through vast amounts of paper that gets wasted.

In what ways have you considered the ethical implications of your project process and outcomes?

Upon designing my cover and spread I kept I had a few ethical points in mind from my research. I decided to not include photos of the Teds in fights, signifying practices of them carrying flick knifes on the cover, the implications of them attacking black people in riots.

I chose to focus on the majority of Teds that were just simply teenagers following the subculture, this path would create less ethical implications and less chance of people being offended by the cover/article I created. I believe I have captured what I had in mind for the brief without causing any ethical implications.

In sustainability and ethical terms in what ways was your work in this project an improvement or a backward step for you as a socially conscious designer? 

I think this project has improved me as a socially conscious designer. I had to bear in mind the sustainability and ethical terms of my work and I believe I have an outcome that is purposeful and inline with the set brief. If anywhere in my research I was uncomfortable with the beliefs and views of my chosen subculture and I thought that people could be offended by my brief to create a revival of it I would of chosen to do something else.

This brief has also made me more aware of waste that happens in design, not only from my collage work but also cutting out test prints and finals as I had a lot of paper wasted from printing as the Creative Review was slightly to large to fit onto A4 so A3 paper had to be used which was wasteful.

What targets can you make at this point for your work in the future as a socially conscious designer?  

I think I done well to make conscious decisions whilst designing my work, however I think I should of made a plan at the very beginning of my work which covered and made notes in my idea generation, especially relating to the ethics side of my designs.


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