Book Cover 2017 Brief

Investigating Love: A Scientific and Cultural Exploration

I have just received the brief for the Book Cover project. Upon reading the title and blurb I was slightly confused at first as I wasn’t entirely sure what the subject of the book was.  After reading the provided information I understood that it was about explaining the biochemical and biophysical processes of love which can influence our bodies and direct our positive and negative emotions

The book will also analyse perception, beliefs and emotion in determining our own cultural perspectives on love. Also showing the physical role of the heart which becomes the ‘seat of emotions’ which can also create strong electromagnetic fields that can influence the functioning of each and every cell of the human body.

It also investigates how the heart has become a cultural symbol for love and discovers the power and long lasting symbol of love as well as more ephemeral and short-lived ones. From the ancient marriage dowry, to the shopping centre driven celebration of St Valentine’s Day.


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