Digital Work (Compass Idea)

Here is my next step from generating ideas and sketches.  I went onto illustrator to start digitally reproducing my ideas and start to get a feel of what is working and what isn’t. Because of the short length of this project I didn’t want to get heavily involved with an idea and invest to much time into it if I didn’t feel it was working from the beginning.

Here is my illustration of my compass idea to illustrate the idea of ‘exploring’ love, as a compass is a symbol of this. I used some simple shapes to start the compass, then using the rotate tool to duplicate the triangular shape I could equally space the points as needed. For the points in between the points I used small heart shapes, which are iconic signs of a real heart as they resemble the human heart they signify. They are also symbols, which are cultural symbols that have no natural resemblance to what they signify, where the signifiers have to be learnt.

I like this illustration on its own however for my book jacket I think it needs to work alongside something else to represent the book title ‘Investigating Love: A Scientific and Cultural Exploration’ as I don’t feel this is substantial enough to show this. I could incorporate this into the typography of the book or into the back of the book jacket.


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