Idea Generation (Book Cover)


After receiving the brief and getting over the initial confusion I started to look at the title of the book: ‘Investigating Love: A Scientific and Cultural Exploration’. I chose to break these words down and write down as many things I relate to each word to help me start to get ideas starting in my thinking process. This was a really helpful task to do after receiving the brief as it it helped me think of design solutions within the structure of the given brief.

I got some interesting outcomes from this, things that I didn’t initially think of from just reading the title. Things like magnifying glasses and compasses to show exploration, symbols and translations to show culture and things like DNA, atoms, test tubes and the human body to show the scientific side of the title.

I then also done the same for the word ‘Love’:

Roses, Doves, Heart symbol, eyes, flowers, cupid, valentines day, wedding, vowels, rings, brain,



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