Hand Illustration

To go with my rose illustration for the book cover I wanted to have a hand holding it to give it a more personal feel and have a link back to the cultural aspect of the book. When illustrating the hand I came across something quite interesting. Using reference imagery from online I used the same process as illustrating the rose before. However during this illustration I wanted to see how much of  the hand I had created a skeleton for so I made a purple circle behind to see my white lines and I got a really unique and interesting design style.

This style made me think of a product design sketches and a blueprint feel. I felt if I could create a design like this it would represent a blueprint showing what the book is about: ‘Investigating Love’ as a blueprint is an analysis and breakdown of something which this book says to do about love.

I liked this idea I had developed and wanted to apply the same effect to my rose illustration.

(ref: http://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-photo-adult-man-hand-to-hold-something-isolated-on-white-176979503.jpg)

Applying to Design:


Here I have applied the design style yo my original rose illustration- I think the two illustrations create an engaging and intriguing design that I feel could work really well on my book jacket to showcase the book.

I will now need to start creating my Indesign document so I can start to mock up some layouts and get an idea of how I can use my completed illustration.



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