Indesign Document

I have used the Penguin Book I purchased as reference to size my document, as I will need to use the physical book as a mock up it needs to be size.

197 x 130mm (COVER)

15mm (SPINE)

TScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 19.40.19.pnghese are the sizes I have measured from my book. My Indesign document size is:       275mm x 130mm – this includes both cover pages and the spine together.

Because this is another page layout design I have included a 3mm bleed as I will likely have colours and illustrations that will need to bleed of my page to get a clean crop when cutting my final design out.

I then created boxes either side of the spread at 197mm x 130mm which left me with my 15mm spine in the centre. This left me with my page setup ready to start adding elements into.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 17.23.20.png I decided to use the type pairing with a brushed lettering and a serif typeface. I feel this works well as an engaging design point as well as working with my blueprint style illustration.

Upon a closer look at the typeface ‘Trashhand’ I saw an opportunity where I could include a heart shape  into the typeface,  which are iconic symbols (a human heart) and cultural symbols that have no natural resemblance to what they signify, where the signifiers have to be learnt. I used the white pointer to drag a part of the ‘o’ in love down to create the heart shape. This is a small but effective change to the typeface that works well with the subject of the book.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 20.54.13.pngTo start my book jacket on Indesign I brought across the main elements of the design, from illustration and the typography. Because of the illustration size I was limited to where I could place type as the hand needed to be coming from the bottom of the page to make sense.

I placed the blurb which was provided along with the critics review into the document so I could then start to build the layout. I then added a dark red colour background which worked nicely with my illustration when I turned the stroke white. I then focused on the back page, choosing a serif typeface for the blurb which is easy for the audience to read, the chose sans serif modern typeface for the critics reviews, using different weights of the typeface, bolder for the review as this is the main information, the the reviewers name below in a thinner weight.


I then came onto the spine of the book, where I created a separate document with the same dimensions of the spine so I could create it the correct way up, and then bring it in to the document and rotate it.

Here is my finished spine, featuring the authors names, title and publisher. I kept the hierarchy of a book layout in mind for the spine also. I kept ‘Investigating Love’ in the same typeface as the cover, and made it purposefully larger than the rest of the type as this is the main point of the book and the main aspect people would be looking for if this was on a bookshelf.

I used my Penguin book as reference for where the publishing details would go.  It is also featured on the back and front of the book so I have also included this on my design. To make it look like an authentic Penguin published book I have included the pricing and barcode on the back.



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