In this Book Cover project I will be assed on my type-setting in conjunction with your imagery. Now I have my main illustration done it is important for me to now start looking into typography which will go on the book jacket.

I have made a type sheet of different typefaces used for the title to help me get an idea of what works and what doesn’t in conjunction with my illustration work.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 20.26.21.png

Through this task I feel I have came up with several type pairings that would work with my design. I particularly like the 4th pairing as it goes with the investigation idea, and gives the feel of its been written down as a note like you would when you are investigating/researching something. The serif typeface Minion Pro underneath shows that this book is a serious look into the subject at hand.

I also like the 7th pairing where I have experimented with a magnifying glass as the ‘o’ in love, with a small heart symbol being looked at through it.

I will need to experiment with some colours in the type too when I start bringing my typefaces and illustrations together.



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