Evaluation – Book Cover 2017

I’m very pleased with the outcome of this project and the solution to the brief I have produced. I have meet the needs of the brief by successfully designing a book cover for a paperback book that I have measured, showing I can design a format for a specific size of book. I have also shown how I can consider suitable type-setting in conjunction with my illustrations used. I feel the strengths of my outcome lay within the illustration and layout of the book jacket, it looks and feels like an authentic published book for Penguin. My illustration is unique and intriguing which a book cover needs to be

If i done this again I would research more into existing Penguin books so I can get a deeper understand of designs, layouts and compositions Penguin has used in its history. I would of also like to experiment with photography as a book cover as this can be effective in conjunction with typography.

As this project was very short compared to other projects completed, I was worried that my time keeping wouldn’t be good enough to create a effective solution to the brief and keep a blog about my progress, however I have proven to myself that I can keep time well in a short deadline and produce an effective outcome.

Finished Cover:


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