Pentagram is an independent design consultancy from offices in LondonNew YorkSan FranciscoBerlin and Austin. There website showcases all of their design work from clients such as MasterCard and Mulberry. The website is very clean and organised, upon opening the site you are immediately shown to a collection of the companies works and a short opening of what they are about.

Something interesting I saw when looking through the website was the ‘Pentagram’ logotype at the top left, which turned into a single serif ‘P’ when scrolled down. This is such a small subtle touch but caught my eye as a designer which is exactly why they have included it. The logo is also in a modern serif typeface, which shows their modernity of design, with the serif also showing tradition.

The colour red is an element of the design that flows throughout the site, from the logo, highlighted information and on the interactive buttons. This colour combination with the white background is very modern, bright and engaging. Once clicking onto a project the site allows you to browse through several images of outcomes from the project. This is presented in a slice show with buttons on the right had side to control it, the images slide horizontally from right to left. I like this technique as instead of creating a long page of images the reader can decide whether they want to browse through the images or scroll down and read the write up about it.


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