Lightmaker Workshop

Today we had a workshop with a company called Lightmaker. This was interesting as we were working with real designers from outside the college to learn what they do. We were shown a presentation which included some of there previous works for clients that included video game creators EA, and Wayne Rooney and War Gaming. Today we were focusing on War Gaming, and specifically ‘World of Tanks’.

The showed us few examples of ‘scamps’ or thumbnail sketches of real brainstorms they had quickly sketched for the client. Because time wasn’t on their side these scamps were done in pen, so mistakes couldn’t be rubbed out and they could get their ideas out quickly as possible without worrying.

We were then given the task to create our own concept design for a World of Tanks site. We were allocated a group from our class of 4 people which we had to work with. I liked this because I hadn’t previously worked with 2 of the people in my group so it was nice to be able to meet them properly and work alongside them.

Our group decided to go with a parallax website as we have just learnt about the with Tim, and the company itself often used them especially for World of Tanks. They spoke to us about the ‘call of action’; the whole action you want the visitor to do by visiting the site, in this instance it was ‘play for free’. The call to action needed to be clear and easy for the viewer to find, they should not have to scroll through the website to find it.

As a group we discussed possible ideas that we could start to sketch from. After some discussion we decided to go with a DLC (downloadable content) which is an add on for the game. We wanted to go with new environments and tanks the players could download and design a site for this. We had an idea for our parallax website to flow from one map to another. We also liked the idea of animated items in the site moving as the viewer scrolled through the site.

As a team we delegated each person in the group to a certain task once we was happy with the idea. This was something we needed to do as a team so we all worked on something that we could combine and have a solid idea we all knew we could use. I worked on the animated idea, we came up with a small tank that would work its way down each map following the viewer scrolling down, and this tank would change depending on the country it was in and the environment it was travelling through (for example snow on top of the tank through the snowy mountains). Then smaller animations like birds flying from a tree when the tank went past, tumble weed subtle blowing past on the desert and other small things that engaged the viewer in with the site and ultimately would make them click on the call to action.

At the end of our site I came up with an idea to have all 3 of the new tanks in the DLC to be featured in a garage/underground bunker which would all be silhouetted, then once the user rolled over with a mouse a showroom light would beam down and reveal the tank.\

This was an enjoyable task to undergo for the class and we also learnt a lot from the men at Lightmaker. It gave us fundamental experience such as working as a team away from friends, and getting us out of our comfort zones as most of the class had never sketched for website designs before.



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